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S. L. Faisal 31 months ago
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For read more comments on the discussion on the title of Librarian, see the link to the blog post given below


Dr. N K Pachauri 31 months ago
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TGT (LIS) and Library and Information Centre. 

In KVS re-designation of the post Librarian is an Egoistic issue for KVS authorities, they do not want to give us the TGT and PGT designations.
I am also afraid that we have to do all the work and implement the new assignment  according to NEW Library policy without ANY Library Assistant. KVS will hardly consider the demand of Library Assistant, Outsourcing for data Entry, TGT designation, Promotion chances, Library science as a subject at +2 level etc. 
Dr. N K Pachauri 31 months ago
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TGT (LIS) /  TGT (Information And Resource Provider: IRP) and Library and Information Centre. This one  is better than others. 

BUT not Teacher Librarian. 
Souda N 31 months ago
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Library Media Centre and Library media Specialist ?

can i suggest another one?

Library and information centre and school information ofiicer

Souda N 31 months ago
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  1. A model of school library budget can also be included

Rajendra Kumar Panda 31 months ago
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1.       The concept of  teacher librarian is detriment to the new comer librarians  or KVS librarians, who were in aspirant to take their career beyond KVS, your experience and tenure in KVS might not taken as important by other people. Further, in western school education, the teacher librarian can be school administrator, which was not possible with Indian education system. If KVS will consider Librarians can be eligible to sit departmental exam for promotion then this nomenclature is fine.

2.       Color code for primary books will limit, confine, and restrict the options of those students of primary who were in advance state of reading.

3.       Replacement cost of lost book, should not left only at present market value, it will delay the decision of amount of collect, because it is not easy way to all library find out the present value of book. It can be out of print, publisher may vanish so many factors are there. Therefore, inflation and deflation cost and length of use (period) should taken into account.

4.       No fine for overdue of student, will give a wrong idea to students in the future dealing with Library after the school career. Because almost all libraries have overdue charge system, let it be a minimal, so that students will get a lesson how to deal with public property. Or the weaker section of people may exempt from it.

5.       In software part of standardization along with E-granthalaya, standardize data entry is also a important part to reduce noise in search union catalogue, so a broad data entry guideline required. Along with OPAC, WEB-OPAC should recommend because every KV has its web portals.

6.       On duty part, job of Librarians should not divert to class room teaching, this inclusion is required. Limited independent financial purchase powers for Librarian, like in CMP same given to HM. Otherwise, every time librarian has to wait & suffer for clerical delay.

विपिन साहू 31 months ago
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राजेंदर सर 
१. No fine for overdue of student, रुल को आपके द्वारा सही तरीके से नहीं समझा गया है नया रुल पिछले रुल से बेहतर है क्यों कि एक रुपए फाइन लेने के बाद भी बच्चे बुक रिटर्न नहीं करते थे. लाइब्रेरियन को फाइन लेने में दिक्कते आतीं थी. परन्तु नए रुल के मुताबिक बुक १५ दिन के बाद एक बार Renew kara sakte hain. overdue books ko do bar reminder(through class teacher) dene ke bad yadi bachca book return nahi karta to ye mana jayega ki book lost ho gayi hai aur tab lost book ke rule ke anuasar current market price liya jayega jo fine se kahin jyada hogo. isse clear hai ki bachcha time par hi book return karega. साथ ही बच्चे को आगे तब तक बुक इस्सू कराने के परमीसन नहीं होगी जब तक कि बह पिछली बुक रिटर्न नहीं कर देता 
२. डाटा एंट्री में standardization बहुत ज़रूरी है ओर उसके लिए guideline बनाने का सुझाब अच्छा है जिसमे ये वताया गया हो कि कोन कोन सी फील्ड आवशयक रूप से भरी जानी है subject headings/ keywords/ etc. ke liye guidelines zaroori hain.

Dr. N K Pachauri 31 months ago
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Faizal Sir,
I agree with Mr VIPIN, standardization in Data entry is very much essential otherwise it will create a lot of problems in searching.
Key words, class number, subject, author, and no of copies are some necessary fields.

S. L. Faisal 31 months ago
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Here is what the Committee suggested for standardization.


Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS) and National Informatics Centre (NIC) shall sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) regarding,


                                                        i.            Customizationof eGranthalaya software as per the requirements of KV libraries

                                                      ii.            Distribution of software and related documents (installation guide, manuals, etc)

                                                    iii.            Trainingfor KV Librarians (Region-wise) on the installation and running of eGranthalaya. During the training, NIC can identify librarians who can act as resource persons at regional/cluster levels.

                                                    iv.            Periodic up-dation of the software

                                                       v.            Devising standard procedures and guidelines  for uniformity

                                                    vi.            Development of a KV Library Network on e-Granthalaya web (cloud) platform hosted on NIC server and the creation of a Union catalogue from where all the KV libraries can retrieve the catalogue data and hence avoids duplication of work and save time.

                                                  vii.            Continuous and comprehensive technical support from NIC.

                                                viii.            One time outsourcing for technical processing of existing collection.

                                                     ix.            Establishment of a toll free call centre for resolving the software related problems

A team of experts from KVS and NIC will monitor and evaluate the whole process (customization, training, up-dation, Web-OPAC/Union catalogue, etc).
Dr. N K Pachauri 31 months ago
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Thank you Mr Faizal
prema 31 months ago
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I feel LIBRARIAN title gives old man sitting with old books and the only connected sentence with his  title is SILENCE PLEASE.This is what projected in jokes,cinema etc.But comparing to teachers we are more advanced in all latest aspects.Unless we modify our old name the society will not see/recognise/accept our updated responsibilities at par with latest trend.So definetly we need change of name then only our status will be limelighted for the outside society. 
Gautam Kumar Bharti 31 months ago
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As the Library is considered the hub of knowledge centre and Librarian is considered as resource person with lots of knowledge then why Librarian is not given chance to go for higher level. Though they will also have write departmental exam or other criteria may me applied like NET/ M.Phil/ Ph.D. But they should have change to get promotion on higher level. If a Librarian will be on top level he will take good decision understanding the technicality of the library profession and requirement of library. A Librarian should be given free hand like PRT of HM in case of CMP to develop library of work for the benefit of students/users. There should be one software for all KV so that there wouldn't be any problem in automating library.
I just hope that Mr. Faisal will take care of all these things when he discuss about new Library Policy.
S. L. Faisal 31 months ago
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Color coding of Books for children studying in Primary classes was proposed to organize the class library system in Kendriya Vidyalayas.With the help of primary teachers, the librarian may classify the books and code it  by keeping in mind the reading level of the students. These coded books are easy to arrange and search. The Policy suggested a Junior Library, where these books are shelved and circulated through class libraries. The junior library will also stock an essential collection of children's encyclopaedias and other reference books. For students in the advanced state of reading, more books can be issued from the main library.
Rajendra Kumar Panda 31 months ago
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Reducing the time period of preserving old newspapers into one month is suggestible, big school otherwise may find space problem, KV libs are not sufficient with space management, required equipment and furniture etc. student used dilapidated, mutilated N.papers preserving is like a dumping yard.
Waseem Raja 31 months ago
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According to the new time-table distribution each class should have only 1 library per week but in the Library Policy 2012 it is 2/week.
Rajendra Kumar Panda 31 months ago
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Permissible Loss

What mentioned is just as replica of govt of India provision. Govt. of India did not mind of school lib while framing such rules, so it was framed keeping in mind of public lib and central secretariat lib, parliament lib, delhi public lib etc.

When we have our own Lib policy we should frame as per our functional natures, needs and concerns. Ours is an autonomous body, we can frame our own rule with the basic structure of Govt of India provisions. There should be addition of few clauses in respect of class lib condemnation.

The class lib books are highly prone to damage because the users are tiny tots. There should be a permissible written off from the stock at least 40-45 books every year, costing each below Rs. 50 – Rs 60, these are pamphlet like documents, exposure to damage after short period of use. The process should go through lib committee-principal-librarian. Should not followed lengthy process of same as Vidyalaya article condemnation?

Gopal Prasad Jha 30 months ago
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Rajendra Kumar Panda 30 months ago
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Gopalji consider following points
Our Designations:
We can't suffix with word 'specialist' because the qualification for KVS Librn is B.Lib & Inf. Sc. not higher qualification is fixed.
We should not use the term 'Media' because Lib is the not only media for knowledge gathering, there are other vast social medias present in society and in the school itself, to acquire knowledge & Inf.
The word 'Manager" and 'Officer' can't be suffixed with us because in govt structure designation associated with pay structure. it may not acceptable to KVS.
However, I believe that "Asst Lib & Inf. officer" can be acceptable as per our basic pay. This is acceptable beyond KVS librarianship too.
Dr. N K Pachauri 30 months ago
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Panda sir
TGT (LIS or IRP or Librarian) is the best and acceptable designation.
Rajendra Kumar Panda 30 months ago
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Dr. Pachauri
TGT(LIS) is preferred one, if KVS offer this one, we can claim to sit departmental exam, our promotional avenue will be clear. We are neither teaching cadre, nor ministerial cadre, for example Librarians can't appear departmental exam because still we were not considered as teacher so we can't be a educational administrator, on the other side we were not treated as ministerial staff that is why librarians are not given MACP benefit.
after all prefixing with the word 'provider' in IRP will denigrate our status

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